Josef Herget Foto Wilke
Prof. Dr. Josef Herget

Professor for Information Science, Keynote Speaker, Author, Reviewer
Main foucs: Excellence Research, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Strategy, Integrated Management Systems, Method Development, Methods Integration

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Isabella_Mader_Foto Willke
Isabella Mader, MSc

Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Author

Strategy development, IT strategy, Information and Knowledge Management, Open Innovation, Collaboration, Communities.
Top CIO of the Year 2013 (A).

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Service Excellence

Michael Wingenfeld
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Wingenfeld
Service Excellence

Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering & Automatization, Master of Operations Research MOR

Service Innovation & Staging, Communication & Optimization
Creating client engagement and recommendation systematically: Target System “Net  Promoter Score” as an active key performance indicator (KPI).

Michael Wingenfeld cannot be described, one has to experience him live in action. Short: he is the master of service innovation, that he helps generate together with staff and clients. Matchless.

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Human Resources Excellence

Alexander Gaudart_BEX
Dr. Alexander Gaudart
Human Resources Excellence

Personnel development, change management and culture change initiatives, agile corporate cultures, analysis of potential for management and expert staff.

Special focus: systemic crisis intervention, systemic staff development.
Alexander Gaudart is the specialist for difficult cases: if nothing goes – there’s still a solution. Well, he’s doing the other cases, too 🙂

Co-founder of the Intiative Kulturwandel (initiative culture change) within the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Section Consulting, Accounting & IT (Fachgruppe UBIT).

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