What are the core denominators of success for individuals, teams, departments or corporations? This question is our driving force. What does science and empiric evidence have to say about this? Which are the models, concepts, processes, methods and instruments that help us improve? How to achieve excellence and optimize it? How to measure excellence?

Business Excellence is often being tied exclusively to the EFQM model (European Foundation for Quality Management) that we know from Quality Management. We are but not solely driven by EFQM or similar pre-defined success patterns. We follow the concept of integrative management – in terms of width and depth. Integrated management is being established as a function with various focussed aspects ranging from strategy definition to operations and monitoring) on all levels off the enterprise down to the success of individual staff.

We especially care about the following questions: What is the role and relevance of various management concepts: knowledge, communication, culture, trust, processes, quality, risk, innovation, core competence, change, information, performance monitoring … and which is the relevance of integrated management systems, dynamics and networks? Let’s draw the map of success together and explore the continents of the world of excellence, where we like to arrive and find a home. A consistent approach may be the path that helps us get there together.

Our main focus is to integrate research and practical transdisciplinary real-life solutions in business and personal excellence.

We permanently develop our range of services from research and the delivery of studies via workshops and university lectures on various integrated management topics and consulting in the field of business excellence. Die expertise of our institute and its partners comes from over 20 years of development, consulting and management experience. We are mainly a think tank to bring known and new issues forward in maybe new ways and to develop new solutions suited for network society.

Collective intelligence and collaboration are keys of our time – and they lead us in our vision: We invite you to approach those topics together with us and to enter into a dialogue.

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Josef Herget

Josef Herget Foto Wilke

Prof. Dr. Josef Herget
ist Gründer und Direktor des Excellence Institute

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