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Isabella Mader, MSc

Isabella Mader, MSc, is CEO of the Excellence Institute, Executive Advisor for the Global Peter Drucker Forum and lecturer at universities in the fields of information and knowledge management, IT- strategy and collaboration. 

2013 she was awarded “Top CIO of the Year“ (A).

Before her current position she built up a post graduate university programme that she then managed for several years. She also acted as the CEO of a software company (booking platform) and at the United Nations in the field of methodology development.

At the Excellence Institute she concentrates on knowledge management, information management, IT strategy, communities and networks as well as on network economy/sharing economy and New Work.

She is a sought after keynote speaker. Two examples of her talks can be viewed here:

Video of her talk at the 7th Global Peter Drucker Forum:
Keynote Isabella Mader Sharing Economy GPDF15

Her keynote at the E-Day of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (in German) on 12 April 2017:


Further activities, references and publications:

Member of the Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria

Member of the Program Steering Committee of the Global Peter Drucker Forum

Member of the International Forum on Business Communication (IFWK)

Member of the Major Cities of Europe

Meet me 2018 as a speaker or host at these events:
12 Feb 2018: Brexit, Trump and Fake News – IFWK Panel with Michael Hayman MBE, Ingrid Brodnig, Katharina Schell, Isabella Mader. Moderation: Kerry Skyring. Austria Press Agency, Vienna.
21 Februar 2018: manager lounge Panel (Manager Magazine), Vienna
15. März 2018: Panelist, ShareTech Summit, European Commission, Bratislava
23 März 2018: Next Act 2020, Cologne
16 April 2018: Panel Smart Living 2030, Wiener Zeitung
23 April 2018: Unternehmenskultur in der Praxis: Buchpräsentation mit Co-AutorInnen, Wifi Wien
24 April 2018: Keynote, Strategie 2028, Wiener Linien Event Center
29 May 2018: Major Cities of Europe, Leipzig, Germany “Success Factors of Participation Projects”
13 June 2018: SAP Education Forum Vienna – talk on collaboration, knowledge and learning today
22 June 2018: DataSea EU Project Final Conference, Valencia, Spain, Talk on Open Data, Open Research Data – international perspectives
10 July 2018: “Verhalten gestalten” Leadership Workshop, ThinkPort, Vienna
23-28 July 2018: Writing Retreat somewhere in the Austrian Alps
3 Sept. 2018: The DNA of the excellent enterprise, Drucker Dialogue, WdF, Federation of Industries, Vienna
12 Sept. 2018: Executive Round Table, Zukunft Personal & Global Peter Drucker Forum, Köln
17 Sept. 2018: Panel “Digital Human & Innovation as a Societal Responsibility”, Munich, Advantage Austria/Austrian Federal Economic Chamber & Global Peter Drucker Forum
16 Oct. 2018: Risk Management Kongress, Cologne. Talk on “Risk Machine or Risk Human?”
18 Oct. 2018 Future of Management, IFWK & Global Peter Drucker Forum & HP & AgileExperts @ Presseclub Concordia
14 Nov. 2018: Keynote, Zukunft Personal Austria: “If the Boss is an Algorithm”
28 Nov. 2018: Innovation Leadership Summit, pre-conference, Global Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna
29-30 Nov. 2018: Global Peter Drucker Forum, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna
Once a month: Digital Salon, Co-Host. Wieden Salons, Vienna

Meet me 2017:
7 March 2017: European Cities Conference; Keynote “Sharing Economy”. Vienna, Ares Tower.
22 March 2017: Ring Lecture “The New Democracy”, Graz University
30 March 2017: CIO Summit 2017, Panel Future Challenges. Schönbrunn, Vienna.
4 April 2017: Logistics Club; Impuls Qualification in Network Society. Vienna.
12 April 2017: E-Day Austrian Federal Economic Chamber; Keynote. Austria Center Vienna.
18 May 2017: Digitalize Conference, Keynote. Florido Tower, Wien.
30 May 2017: XEROX Future of Work Global Tour, Impulse. biz zwei, Vienna.
1-3 June 2017: Alpbach ReThink, Linz.
8 June 2017: “When the gig economy meets professional services”; internal Conference London Business School, London.
12-14 June 2017: Major Cities of Europe Conference, Session Keynote “Government Innovation”, Zagreb.
22 (internal)-23 (public) June 2017: Progressive Economy Symposium, introductory Keynote 22 June, MAK, Vienna.
14 September 2017: Forum Green Logistics, Keynote “Digitalization”, Wien.
1-2 October 2017: Toblach Talks, Panel Sharing Economy, Toblach, Italy.
17-18 November 2017: Session Chair, Global Peter Drucker Forum, Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna.
Every last Monday of the month: Digital Salon, Co-Host. Wieden Salons.

References (excerpt):

Danube University Krems
Center for Kognition, Information and Management
Center for Journalism and Communication Management
Center for Applied Informatics
Faculty for Education, Art & Architecture

Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt

Various Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria

Public Administration Academy / Austrian Federal Chancery

Public Administration Academy of the Vienna City Administration (MD-VA)

Executive Office of the Vienna City Administration

Austrian Ministry of Finance

Wien-Holding GmbH

Vienna Utilities / Wiener Stadtwerke

Wiener Linien

ÖBB Holding (Austrian Railways)

DEG Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Siemens Austria

Blum International Consulting

Nagra – National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste, Switzerland

Kapsch BusinessCom AG

Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH

gewusst wie Drogerien



SOS Kinderdorf International

CTBTO – Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation

Brush-T International

Vienna Tourist Board

Royal Thai Embassy & Permanent Mission to the United Nations /




The Silent Revolution [article in German: Die stille Revolution] Changes in Society through Network and Sharing Economy
Mader, Isabella
Harvard Business Manager 03/2016


A Moment of Truth Artice_thumbA Moment of Truth
Mader, Isabella
Global Peter Drucker Forum Blog
23 November 2015


TUV Risikomanagement Handbuch cover_thumb

Wann wird Risikovermeidung selbst zum Risiko? (in German)
[When Risk Avoidance Becomes The Risk Itself] – available in English soon
In: Österreichisches Jahrbuch für Risikomanagement (2016)
Download article PDF


cover_KnowTech2014_Mader-Biwald_thumbwien mags wissen: Die Wissensmanagement-Strategie der Stadt Wien (in German)
[The Knowledge Management Strategy of the Vienna City Administration]
Mader, Isabella / Biwald, Maximilian
In: Lutz, B. (Hrsg. 2015): Wissen verändert. Beiträge zu den Kremser Wissensmanagement-Tagen 2014. Krems, Edition Donau-Universität.
Erscheint Anfang 2015
Download ab Erscheinen verfügbar.


wien mags wissen Wissensmanagement Strategie Stadt Wienwien mags wissen: Die Wissensmanagement-Strategie der Stadt Wien.
Strategisches Wissensmanagement in der öffentlichen Verwaltung
kann Begeisterung generieren (in German)
[The Knowledge Management Strategy of the Vienna City Administration. Strategic Knowledge Management in Public Administration can generate Engagement]

Mader, Isabella / Biwald, Maximilian
Conference Proceedings, BITKOM KnowTech 2014, Frankfurt/M.
Paper Download: Stadt Wien_Konferenzbeitrag_KnowTech Frankfurt 15-16 Okt 2014

cover oxford wmw thumbMaking Public Sector Knowledge Management Work: The Knowledge Management Strategy of the Vienna Municipality.
Mader, Isabella, Biwald, Maximilian
Conference Presentation. 14th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations
University of Oxford, Said Business School, August 2014.

Beste Business Strategien für XING und LinkedIn (in German)
[Best Strategies in Business Networking for XING and LinkedIn]
Shah, Michael Rajiv / Mader, Isabella
Data Becker Verlag
May 2012

Link zu amazon


Information Overload als Produktivitätsfalle. (in German)
[Information Overload is the Productivity Trap]
Blog “Knowledge- and Information Managment” in the TM 2.0 News
of the Rhyne-Westfalia Technical University Aachen (RWTH).

Kann Coca-Cola ein Freund sein? (in German)
[Can Coca Cola be a Friend?]
Mader, Isabella/Shah, Michael Rajiv
(c) Wirtschaftsblatt, 24.02.2011
Online Version: Kann Coca-Cola ein Freund sein?
Download pdf: Wirtschaftsblatt Kann Coca-Cola ein Freund sein?


Personal Learning Environments in der Lehre: Synergie von Kollaboration und Wissensmanagement. (in German)
[Personal Learning Environments in Education: Synergy of Collaboration and Knowledge Management]
Herget, Josef/Mader, Isabella. In: Risku, Hanna & Peschl, Markus (2010): Kollektive Wissensgenerierung, Lernen und Innovation – theoretische, kognitive und technologische Grundlagen.
Vienna University Press, Wien, Göttingen.
Link zu amazon


Die Kraft der Netzwerke. (in German)
[The Power of Networks]
Isabella Mader
Kulturkontakt Magazin Winter 2010/2011 Link
Download: Kulturkontakt Magazin Artikel Kraft der Netzwerke


Spuren im Web. Die digitale Identität und ihre Fallstricke. (in German] [Online Traces. The Digital Identity and its Pitfalls]
Josef Herget/Isabella Mader
Der Standard, 15.8.2009
Download: Spuren im Web digitale Identitaet Standard 2009-08-15


Weiterbildungsstudiengänge für die Karriereplanung aus Hochschul- und Studierendensicht. Herausforderungen und Trends. (in German)
[Post-graduate Education and its Impact on Career Planning from the Viewpoint of Universities and Students. Challenges and Trends]
Mader, Isabella/Herget, Josef
Zeitschrift für Informationswissenschaft & Praxis IWP 04/2009. [Magazine for Information Science] Download: Weiterbildungsstudiengänge_IWP_Herget-Mader


Die 11 Erfolgsfaktoren der Wissensbewahrung. (in German)
[The 11 Success Factors of Knowledge Preservation]
Herget, Josef/Mader, Isabella
Wissensmanagement Magazin, Vol. 04/09. [Knowledge Management Magazine] Download: Die 11 Erfolgsfaktoren der Wissensbewahrung_Wissensmanagement Magazin_Herget-Mader_2009


Auswirkungen der Globalisierung auf die Informationspraxis – Anforderungen und notwendige Kompetenzentwicklung. (in German)
[Globalization and the Practice of Information Management – Requirements and necessary Competence Development]

Mader, Isabella/Herget, Josef
Conference Article, DGI Online Conference, Frankfurt, 2009.
Download: Auswirkungen der Globalisierung auf die Kompetenzentwicklung_DGI_Mader_Herget


Informelles Lernen in virtuellen Netzwerken – Kompetenzvermittlung und -transfer durch Social Software. (in German)
[Informal Learning in virtual Networks – Competence Development with Social Software]

Herget, Josef; Mader, Isabella (2009), Proceedings, DGI Online Tagung, Frankfurt, 2009.
Download: Informelles Lernen in virtuellen Netzwerken


Web 2.0 – Herausforderungen für die Kommunikationsstrategien der Unternehmen. (in German)
[Web 2.0 – Challenges for Corporate Communication Strategies] Mader, Isabella/Herget, Josef
Conference Article, International Symposium on Information Science, Konstanz, 2009.

Social Software in der externen Unternehmenskommunikation. (in German)
[Social Software in Corporate Communications] Mader, Isabella/Herget, Josef
Zeitschrift für Informationswissenschaft & Praxis IWP 04/2009. [Magazine for Information Science] Download: Social Software in der externen Unternehmenskommunikation_IWP_Mader-Herget


InfoMap – Ein Meta-Instrument zur Evaluation des Informationsmanagments. (in German)
[InfoMap – A Meta Instrument for the Evaluation of Information Management]

Mader, Isabella/Herget, Josef
Conference article, DGI Online Conference, Frankfurt, 2009.
Download: InfoMap – Ein Meta-Instrument zur Evaluation des Informationsmanagments_DGI_Mader-Herget


Persönliches Informationsmanagement: Wege aus der täglichen Informationsflut. (in German)
[Personal Information Management: Ways Out Of Daily Information Overload]
Mader, Isabella/Herget, Josef.
Conference article, KnowTech 2008, Frankfurt.
Download: Persönliches Informationsmanagement – Wege aus der täglichen Informationsflut_KnowTech_Mader-Herget


Indice de Intensidad Web 2.0. Modelo, Parámetro y Evidencia Empírica. (in Spanish)
Web 2.0 Intensity Index. Model, Parametric and Empirical Evidence] LIS-EPI Conference 2008, Valencia.
Mader, Isabella

Das Methodenrepertoire des Strategischen Informationsmanagements. Eine exemplarische “Tool Box”. (in German)
[The Methods Repertoire of Strategic Information Management. An exemplary “Toolbox”.]

Mader, Isabella. Krems, 2007

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