Dipl.-Ing. Michael Wingenfeld M.O.R.

Michael Wingenfeld studied automation, Operations Research, Philosophy of Science, Logic and AI in Bochum, Aachen, Munich, Zurich and Vienna from 1977.

In parallel, he completed several training courses in organizational development, coaching and systemic consulting.

As a project engineer, organizational developer, crisis manager and reorganizer, he has been using constellations with technicians, economists, entrepreneurs and managers since 1984.

Since 1994 he offers with SEVRVE-IN Service Innovation + Staging seminars, workshops and trainings for the development of engineering and service businesses.

This combination has given rise to the ideas and foundations for www.ParadoxInnovation.de.

Lectures, seminars, workshops and trainings:

  • Attractive + profitable business with service innovation, staging + communication.
  • Service satisfaction, enthusiasm, Net Promotor Score, increase turnover + profit
  • Living target groups with personas, customer journey, experience and rapid prototyping
  • Service Creativity + Innovation: Inno-Process, Space, Screen, Place, Flow; Blue Ocean, TRIZ, Visual Brainstorming, Design Thinking, Scenarios, Irritation, Creative Wreck Pack …
  • Entrepreneurship + Action: Starting business simply with Effectuation, structuring successfully with Business Model, testing effectively with System Constellations.
  • Communicate benefits correctly with Value Selling
  • Lively events with “walk-in pictures”, Constellations, Story Telling, Pitch, Pecha Kucha + latest brain research.

In May 2019, one of Michael Wingenfeld’s workshops at Vienna’s Ronacher on the occasion of a business talk hosted by Wien-Holding was covered by W24 – Wiener Stadtfernsehen. The video [in German] shows of one of many possible formats:



Study Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), Production Systems + Automation.
Study Operations Research (MOR – Master of Operations Research),
Project Management, Mathematics, Business Administration, Simulation,Optimization
Project Manager Factory Planning, Logistics, CAD and Expert Systems Siemens AG
Project Manager Logistics Special Vehicles, Assembly V8, Learning Groups
Audi AG
Training Organizational Development, Chance Management, Systmische Organizational Constellations
Research Project “Problem of East-West Business Relationships
IIASA of the UNO
Service manager in several company restructurings, reorganizations and mergers
Speaker, moderator, trainer in hundreds of events, workshops, trainings
Director of SERVE-IN Institute for Service Innovation + Staging in Regensburg, Germany